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Boy´s suit or Men´s wear size guide


At Bellissima Bridal Designs, we work an exclusive distribution and the garments have limited editions.


As a sustainable company philosophy, we make the garments to order for you.


The measurements are to be taken on the garments, not on the body, it’s easy and simple. 


1) Step One 

Place a garment that is your size and fits correctly (shirt, trousers, waistcoat, jacket) on a flat surface (for example, a table) BUTTONED AND STRETCHED.


2) Step Two 

Take these measurements:

– Shirt: shoulders, chest, shirt length, sleeves length, waist.

– Pants / Trousers: waist, hips, outside leg, thigh.

– Vest / Waistcoats: Chest, shoulders, waistcoat length, waist.

– Jacket: Chest, shoulders, waist, jacket length, sleeves length.

– Shoes: Place your foot on a white paper, draw the contour of the foot and measure the entire length of the foot, between the longest edges.


3) Step Three

Send at info@bellissimabridal.net or call us at 305-476-1500 the measurements taken, together with your data, and we will send you an email with the correct size based on the measurements you provide. Then you can finish the purchase process.

If you have any doubts, please contact our stylist by email at info@bellissimabridal.net



4) Step Four

Once we have your order and the purchase is completed, delivery times are 3 months (12 weeks) as per order confirmation + shipping days depending of the State or the country.

*Trousers / Pants

*Waistcoats / Vest